Photographing Baby

"There seems to be a baby-boom among my friends and colleagues. So as an avid photographer — and father of an 8 month old — I get a lot of questions about photographing babies.
For posterity here are some of the frequently asked questions, in the hope that someone else might find them useful. If you have better answers, or alternative ideas, leave a response.

What do you use for photo hosting?
I use Google Photos for hosting and sharing albums with family and friends. While this choice was mostly for legacy reasons, it suits me well. Comments are still in G+, so I’m not sure what the future holds for them and whether they’ll be lost at some stage.
All phone photos and videos are synced to Dropbox, for easy portability and sharing with Tessa.
And, of course, Instagram."

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Looking for a newborn photographer?

George Bleasdale