How to Organise A TEDx Event in 10 Steps

"Love TED Talks? Like organising things? Then why not consider hosting your very own TEDx event?

TED is a non-profit movement devoted to spreading ideas that anyone can get involved with. You could organise a full TEDx conference, a university or youth event, one within your company or organisation or just a viewing party around an official TED event.

With everyone giving up their time for free, it’s a great way for individuals interested in becoming event organisers to further their experience. Meanwhile, you can bring together and inspire your community.

Of course, working with such a prestigious brand as TED requires that you adhere to some strict guidelines, but the organisation also offers plenty of support.

Here we run through the 10 steps you need to take to organise a TEDx event, with the help of Shaena Harrison, part of the production team for TEDxStockholm."

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