Property Photography Glasgow | Preparation Guide

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Snapgenius offers professional shoots for only £65. Here are some tips for preparing for your shoot.

Set the scene

If you're renting on a site like Airbnb or - make your property look as inviting as possible by dressing it with some tastful decor:

  • Place some folded towels on the end of the bed
  • Arrange some magazines
  • Put out flowers
  • Hang a piece of art on the wall

It's important not to make the property look cluttered but a few bits and pieces are a great way to make a space feel homely and stylish. The photos should give the guests an idea of what to expect.

See the Airbnb host checklist here >

Let your photographer know about any unique features of the property

Do you have a fantastic kitchen, a balcony or a garden? The final images should draw attention to everything your property has to offer. These features will set your space appart from other properties which don't have them. Speak to your photographer before the shoot about any details that might apeal to a potential buyer or renter

Make sure you get pictures outside

What's outside is just as important as what's inside. Potential buyers and renters will want to see the street and surrounding area of the property. The best time to shoot outside is the first and last hour of sunlight, this is when the light is softest and brings out the best range of colour.

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