Professional Photography Edinburgh | From £65

Why hire a professional photographer?

1. You Don't just need pictures, you need a high quality service
The images you end up with at the end of a shoot are just a small part of the experience. A photographer should show up well dress, be well mannered and have a good attitude. They should make you feel comfortable and not get in the way of what you're doing so that you can have a positive experience as a client. A photographer can offer you a fresh pair of eyes and help convey your vision more acurately. Further more, consulting with your photographer can help you consider things that you might not have otherwise.

2. Because they know their stuff
When it comes to equipent and lighting there are endless possibilities. A professional photographer will know straight away what light is most flattering and which lens to use for each subject. The equipment required for property photography is very different than the equipment for portrait photography, for example.

3. Because they're properly insured
It sounds boring but it's quite important. What happens when a photographer damages their camera? Will you be liable for damages? What if a they trip and break your laptop? A professional photographer will be insured for all of these senarios including equipment damage and theft.

4. Because they have the software and they know how to use it
Photography software is costly and always in need of updating. A pro will use the latest, fully licenced software. They'll now exactly what to do with all of those complicated settings to get the most out of your images and give them that magazine sheen.

5. Because it's great to have a team
Whether you're a business or an individual, hiring a photographer is a big step so a collaborative relationship is key. You're working together towards the same goal. A pro photographer should get to know what it is you want to say and understand how best to make it happen. Communication is hugely important and will ensure you get what you're looking for.

6. Because they have artistic vision
A good photographer can see the image before even taking it. Before attending a shoot, they will mentally go through what they'll need, what the light will be like what the space will be like. They'll also consider the weather and the time of day. They'll ask you where your image is going to be used so that they know if you'll need a portrait or landscape shot or if the image will have text over it.


Event Photography

Great pictures tell a story. A good photographer will work in the background to tell your story beautifully without interfering or making guests uncomfortable - whether it's a small Birthday party or corporate conference. Shoots can take place at venues across Edinburgh from large spaces like the National Museaum or Edinburgh Castle to smaller spaces like pubs or church halls. Maybe you're looking for glossy perfect shoot, a more natural documentary style, or maybe something inbetween - Snapgenius offers affordable event photography for everyone. Our photographers can work with you or directly with your event organiser.


Portrait Photography

A good portrait photographer will capture the personality of a subject by combining effective lighting / backdrops / posing with strong creative skill. A portrait might be artistic or it might be professional like an actors headshot or business headshot. They can serve many purposes from usage on a website about page to display in a frame on the mantle piece. Your shoot can take place infront of a backdrop, on a set or outside in a more natural environment. Your photographer will adjust the light carefully to be most flattering to you and convey your chosen vision for the shoot. Photographs can be candid or posed depending on what the images will be used for. Portrait photography can also be useful if you need identification photos for a passport or drivers licence. Your photographer will take care in making sure your images are fit for purspose and meet the regulations for suitable ID.


Family Photography

Capture the extrodinary moments of your family's everyday life. From newborn babies to children and pets we've got you covered. It doesn't matter if your children are shy, hyper, full of energy or throwing tantrums, our photographers can handle anything. Snapgenius can even match you with a photographer who is a parent themselves so they understand the journey you're going on and what your children mean to you. A family photo shoot should reflect the true you, whether you're very active and like to spend time outdoors or you prefer to cuddle on the sofa with a good book.


Product Photography

The quality of your product will often be judged by how well it's photographed, it can mean the difference between a conversion and no sale at all. Particularly is you're selling on sites like Amazon or Ebay where your items are displayed alongside your competitors. Or if you're using particulary visual platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and even Facebook. A good image can catch the eye as it's scrolling through a news feed. Product photography is also useful if you're planning a product launch or planning a Kickstarter / crowdfunding campaign. It can give potential customers confidence in your product and show it's details acurately. Getting your photos shot can be a daunting prospect, Snapgenius makes hiring the right photographer afforable and easy. You can work with a photographer who understands your business and has experience working with small, medium and large businesses.