Photography Jobs Edinburgh

Photography Job Vacancies Edinburgh

Get paid to do what you love. Snapgenius is a startup tech company offering on demand photography across the UK. Booking a photographer has never been easier.


Here's how it works:


Clients book a shoot through the Snapgenius website and let us know the where, when & why of their shoot.


We'll match the client with the most suitable photographer for their shoot. This is based on their requirements and the photographer that we think is best able to meet them. If you've been matched with a client, you'll be told the date, location and details of the shoot.


We'll let you know before hand how many hours you'll be working and how much you'll be paid. You will not be expected to work for more than the agreed hours, as this is what the client has paid for. It's up to you to travel to and from the shoot and bring the equipment required. Once the shoot is completed you will be paid.


Clients can vary from individuals to businesses. We aim to match clients with a photographer who understands their needs and specialises in the type of photography required. Part of the job is communicating effectively with the client - setting people at ease and answering any questions they might have.


You'll be required to show up to shoots on time with a positive attitude. You should be well presented, wearing smart casual clothing. As shoots can take place anywhere, you should always be respectful of the space, particularly if it's someone's house - be aware of your surroundings and don't leave equipment in unsafe places. You will be reponsible for providing and managing your own equipment.

Photographers Needed

We have a range of talented photographers allowing us to cover a lot of bases:

  • Portrait photography
  • Family photography / newborn photography
  • Product photography
  • Event photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Property photography
  • Corporate photography
  • Pet photography / animal photography
  • Sport photography
  • Food photography

If we like your work, we'll let you know and add you to our list. Please note - because of the number of applications recieved, we are not able to reply to everyone and some replies might take a while.